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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 9, 2010 7:00am-8:32am EST

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looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. it is saturday ninth. 2010 . this is what is happening at this hour. new video of the jordanian doctor accused of bombing a cia post in afghanistan. what he had to say about america before he blew himself up in a live report. >> a man who is believed to cause a security breach in a newark airport. caught by police. did he have a dark plan or an honest mistake. that's the story. >> rick is riding with the bulls. he's at the new york invitational. how prop. slog an comes from pat in pennsylvania. i love to watch "fox and
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friends" with a fair and balanced view. lovely alyson, and clayton and dave, those handsome other two. >> that's what we prefer. >> it is "fox and friends". that was a great slogan. >> it was no bull. >> no bull. >> that was no bull. i am going to say it today and a few more times in the show. look for that. what are you fondling over there. >> that's a question i have long been asked. >> every morning asked that. >> got in from the big consumer show in las vegas. they were handing out. no one gets sleep there. they are handing out five hour energy was there. they rolled out the extra. if you need extra. >> i never have had it. i do the red bull and coffee, are you going to go there? >> i will go there. i will be like ladana and one of the nfl. >> you just landed.
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>> you bring a lot of weird things. >> i have gadgets to show you . big announcementings. 3 d specks and you will have to stick around for that. >> who should pay for the terrorist trials coming to new york city? is it just new yorker's responsibility why we try caleed sheik muhammad. big question this morning. >> big money . top story, the continued coverage of the abdull abdullmuttallab, christmas day terror plot. suspect farouk abdullmuttallab he was in court on friday and pled not guilty to charges ranging from attempting to blow up a weapons of mass destruction and attempted murder. no video of him. he was not seen on camera. answered questions in english and appeared to realize the
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charges and showed signs of the burn. >> he is taking pain medication of course for the area of the body where he lit himself on fire. we are learning about other information about what he told investigators and what came out all of he boasted that 20 other would-be bombers are in the pipe line and trained in yemen similar to the structure of underwear bomb set to carry out similar attacks. >> it is less chilly since he failed at doing it and everyone is aware everyone may be concealing on their person explosives and body scanners are in so many more airports. so those 20 should have a much harder time of getting on board of an airline with explosives, except that we also know of all of the security breaches, all of the
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holes in the system that allowed him to get on the airport. - airplane. the scanners are a result of this specific thing which we didn't learn. >> they are adding those scanners in europe and the european union is getting on board with the scanners and we are learning what the state department may have messed nup the entire process. it turned out after abdullmuttallab's father went to the nigerian embassy and told them about what he was worried about their son doing, well, the state department tried to figure out if he had a vis a. they ran the wrong spelling and didn't realize that this man had an united states vis a. they didn't run multiple spellings on his name. even when we do a google search, we figure out that we might misspell a world. how did the state department not do that. >> you go through the airport. if you have a junior, we heard
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this problem recent a junior without i period, they are not even allowing you on airplanes. this is what they had to say. take a listen. >> it probably did affect the ricknition in the system that there was a valid visa and this this individual had a valid vis a. it appear as the white house report said this affected the risk assessment. >> i have such an odd spelling of my name. >> i still can't spelling. >> i even misspell my own name. you think that the system would correct and substitute an o for a y. that is a design flaw. you have to spell it exactly. >> perhaps if you have your name misspelled you can get on the white house guest list. that's what unfolded.
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when i go on a party or trip i post my photos. that's what a third party crashers did. posting the photos to micasa. there he is karlos alen on the left. he went further than the solhes. he sat down at the table without the card. >> he had more temerity than the adacious salahi. he ate dinner. as you well know if you planned a wedding, every guest had a name card at the table and you sit at where your name card is. somehow he able to sit at the dinner portion of the state dinner without a name card and further more, he sat at the table with a white house staffer and everyone thought hoe was a guest. he was milling around and acting like a guest. >> sat with robin roberts.
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his attorney my client had an invitation and he was not subpoena. we'll have to wait until all of the details come out. his attorney said he was invited to the dinner. what about the salahi's what is going on with them? michaele's stylist has been subpoena. there will be a investigation of the white whoit crasher event. they are staying busy as well salahi's are hosting a party in las vegas. >> i was invited. >> i wasn't but that will not stop me. >> if you are in vegas in january 16th. you can crash the party crashers. >> why didn't they stay for dinner. >> there was no sight for them. >> karlos was audacious. make mow a seat. i want to eat sal >> an arrest
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was made. after the embarrassing security breach in newark liberty airport in jers jirs that caused terminal c to be shut down for 7 hours. the doctoral student is facing a trespassing charge and a fine up to $5000. he decided to take advantage of the security guard's absence by sneaking by the checkpoint to give her a prolonged goodbye. >> three men were arrested in the newark airport after making a verbal bomb threat. they were on a flight to dubai when the threats were made. all passengers were evacuated and police searched the plane. nothing suspicious was found. two u.s. pliance were diverted thank to unruly passengers. in one incident a couple of
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f-16 after a passenger locked himself in a bathroom on a flight from los angeles to san francisco. that was detained and of course, in colorado springs. where strange things happen . second incident hawaii airline fliped was forced to stop in los angeles because a male passenger harassed a woman on board. the woman decided not to press charges. the vice-president and his family are in mourning. joe biden's mother passed away. crath lean finnegan biden died in the family's home in delaware. she was seriously ill and no other details were released. biden's mother assisted him on the campaign trial. he was so happy to have his mom along.
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he expressed gratitude for her support in his personal and political life. he always shouted out to her on the cam prain trial. she was spry at >> we are expecting rick in a bit. he is in madison squire garden and talking to the toughest athletes. >> one of the bills threw rick off already. >> that was my high school slogan. coming up in the show. in the wake of the thwarted christmas day bombing is terrorism back? >> airports are starting to use full body scanners in security checkpointings. are they safe? dr. mark seigal will break it all down for us. >> why is this man jumping
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progresso. hi. we love your weight watchers enrsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. you haven't seen h... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> the obama administration announced several new security measures in the aftermath of that fail would bombing attempt on christmas day. is the recent terror attacks including fort hood a flaw in the system or as a result of president obama's policy . it is time for a fair debate. we are joined by radio talk
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show host michael graham . elen radener in the talk news service down the hall in fox news. good morning to you. >> elen, let me start with what dick morris said. unilateral disarmment and said we are overmatched by those in the bush administration kept away from our shores in the sen years is that a fair criticism of the president? >> i love dick morris. absolutely not. he misses an example of the entire system not talking to each other. it was brewing for years. the obama administration had nothing to do with it and he is trying to change the culture. >> michael? >> i love elen and i am sorry, elen. when the president comes in office. back in january and february and tells the c.i.a. at c.i.a.
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headquarters, i am going to make your job harder. he succeeded. they are facing tougher interrogation in the way they stop terrorist . the president said it is going to be harder because he has a separate set of values. victor hancon points out. it is not coincidence that a third of the terror attacks that happened happened under president obama's watch. >> how are you responsible for major hanson doing what he did at ford hood. he's not responsible for that and noris he responsible for what happened in terms of somebody getting on the plane in amsterdam. he took the buck stops here and make sure there is real communication. in that way he makes the c.i.a. job harder and it should be. >> let's be clear, michael we had the shoe bomber under
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president obama and needless to say 9/11. what has the president done and he did take responsibility for the failure of communication in the intelligence agencies. what did he do directly that makes him responsible for the attacks. >> word responsible is one thing as opposed to creating a climate. if i am a jihadist and see a guy who knows about what is on in yemen and trained with them doesn't get dragged off tiac bower's security but instead johnnie cochrans. that can change. >> but the president is not responsible for that and you cannot say he is. >> of course he is. >> even under president obama when that stuff happened in c.i.a. happened. i didn't like bush's policy but i didn't think he was responsible because so and so is in a turf battle.
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>> michael hang on. what about richard reed. he was tried in a criminal court under the bush administration whampt is the difference? >> one of the differences is, we didn't have guantanamo bay or intelligence and system established because it was so new. we have hind sight and that was a mistake. he never went to trial and he plea bargained because most people like anne mccarty who tried the blind sheik. if he went to trial it would be disaster. the president said we'll do whatever it takes to win the war al qaeda is waging on us. we have one of their lawyers sitting right now with intelience and we will not use our intelligence system to gather information. >> wait a minute. >> in fact he is sitting in the lawyer's office. >> the white house said this week that there was actionable intelligence that they got, intelligence they needed from
7:18 am
him and information that they needed from him, and obviously though he pled not guilty, he's going to be ghiving and - giving and gave and will reduce his sentence and i think look, are you saying that the administration is not testimonying the truth? i think they got actionable intelligence. >> sorry, michael we are out of time. thank you both for joining us. >> ellen and michael, go patriots. >> the jordanian doctor aused of blowing up the sigh sight post in stan tan, killing 7 agents is getting his message out despite being sad. what he had to say about america in a new video that is just released. >> susan powell is been gone a month, but her family and friends are shocked that her husband, still a person of interest is packing up the the couple's kids and moving out
7:19 am
of the state. is it true, can cell phone improve your memory in clayton said yes, definitive yes. proof,. dr. seigle here with more.
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>> the tsa isating the deployment of full body scanners. do these shaners pose that. going through these things. i passed in the airport. i saw one thing on radiation. if you have film below this level it is okay. we don't know what things are shot at us. are we safe going through the
7:22 am
full body scanners. if we are eraidating grandma. i want to tell people out there they are safe. they have so little radiation. two types of full body scanners. first use waves like cell phone one 10 thousandth the amount of radiation . the other type uses something called back scattered technology. it is tech no . you know how much radiation that is? the amount you get on the plane in the first two minutes of flight. this is no radiation and completely safe if you are pregnant and less that you would be exposed to when x-rays get to your luggage. it is safe. >> new year's rezution. so many people resolve to quit moking. they gain weight. is there any weigh to avoid
7:23 am
that? >> nick tech is a appetite suppressant and you stop you are looking for other things to do. in the first year after stopped smoking, risk of heart disease goes down one-half and risk of cancer down. that is dramatec. that is a diet program and program in place when you are quitting. >> so many people try to quit after new years. they try the patch and go cold turkey. in your experience if you deal with people with heart related problems. what works for people. the best is cold turkey. cold turkey, cent percent of the people go that route. chantics works well you can't give it to someone who is nervous or anxiousdifferent strokes for different folks. >> cell phones and how dangerous they are.
7:24 am
clayton may be getting brain cancer because he is on the cell phone. good news, what does it do to the brain? >> we don't know. we are in the advance of knowing what works for cell phones whether it is bad or good to you. a study in florida that gives alzheimer to mice. can you imagine if we develop abnormal proteins of althiemers we could reverse that and take away althiemers. cell phones emit radiation and they bathed the mice in and found that the proteins started to go away. so if you strap a cell phone to each year of a mouse you can get rid of althiemers. >> radiation may rewire the brain from althiemers. >> i continuing is different. it baths it in heat and electricity that reverses the bad plaque. it is in mice. we have to give it to primates before we move on to people.
7:25 am
i think it is a future in this. our technology is getting super in picking up althiemers. >> there are side affects. mice will be making phone calls. >> and they will solve puzzles. >> and monkeys calling, too. >> calling to see if they can get on the show? >> they already do. >> lin to this. if you try to look for the phrase islam is. you may be in for a surprise. why the search engine may be sensoring the result. >> and conan o'brien takes a crack in the colleague on jay leno and we'll play what he said last night. and rick is live in the bull riding event in madison square garden. our own urban cowboy. >> thru go. professional bull riders
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>> welcome back. a fox news alert. a message from the grave.
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what the jordanian doctor accused of blowing up 7 c.i.a. in a bombing has to say about the united states in a new video that surfaced on the web this morning. >> good morning, dave. in this video the bombing revenge for a c.i.a. miss ail strike and pakistan report that he shared secrets with militants. the tape hasn't been confirmed but appears to be of the jordanian doctor. he took the video before he walked on the base and blew himself up and 7 employees. he said it is the duty to go after u.s. targets because the c.i.a. had killed the supreme commander of the taliban. he will demand revenge for
7:30 am
him. the man said he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan to spy on militants. did that happen and how much information did he know and how . information did he share. the c.i.a. trusted him without checking him for a bomb. did they trust him enough to tell them operational secret. the army was routed out a taliban and al qaeda stronghold. this attacks shows that the pakistan terrorist are very much in the game. back to you. >> thank you very much. the wife of the suicide bomber said she is proud of her husband which is desturbing aspect of the story. >> talk about google for a minute. they have gotten in controversy because of different search results and now a new controversy for google that involves islam. in fact doing search reresults
7:31 am
for islam. >> apparently islam is? you want to learn about the religion, you get very apparently sanitized white-washed responses where as if you type in and i just did it, christian is. the very first thing that pops up is a profanity that i can't show on terrorism it shows christian is a lie or wrong or cult and that is creating buzz on the internet. these are the first things that pop up. none of that pops up with islam is. >> it is not just christianity. it is judiasm and budhemploy. if you put scienatology. they come up with all different type was responses negative and positive. take us through one. >> type in here if you go to the search bar on my commuter.
7:32 am
islam is? search results is news rument about the same story we are talking about. schooling down on the screen. video results for islam. >> that is not exactly what we are referring to. >> type in islam is before anything pops up. >> type in christianit is. >> drop down menu nothing comes up. but in the search results you are not getting controversial things. below on google. youtube video and nothing controversial. christianity is, you get all kinds of comparison resultings. the point is that google. >> yeah, we can't show that. first one is an obscenity there. it is a fallacy and on and on and on. >> google has to say. this is a bug and we are working to fix it as quickly
7:33 am
we can. is it a bug? it seems to be pacific and targeted. that is a statement from google. >> google manipulates this stuff if they say they don't. >> they are constantly tweaking the allegorithim. it is based on search and they make their money that way. they are tweaking the allegorithim and they say we'll fix it. we'll check back and see what happens there. >> and we'll talk about late night comedy shows. jay leno was moved to the 10:00 p.m. spot prime time slot when conan got his late night slot. jay leno was not happy about this and neither were viewers. viewer ship and ratings are not that good . in fact a local newscast said that their ratings have dipped because the leno lead in has not done well for them. what is nbc to do in they may
7:34 am
be moving jay leno back to the len:30 time slot and conan o'brien giving a back and forth what will happen to conan in month's time or two month's time. joked about it on the tonight show. >> there is ape lot of speculation out there and i want to go over the rumars that are flying around. check them out. jay leno show is to be cancelled and jay is moving to len:30 and i am at midnight. we'll have them running siultist . jay will be an xbox . co starring in cocoa and the chimp. (laughing) >> jay and i will be joining the cast of jersey show in a new character the ackward situation. >> i am pregnant with jay's baby and he is pregfant had with me. one that crawls out alive gets to leave nbc. >> they are great possibilities.
7:35 am
but what we do know. jay will move back to len:30. conan is offered 12-one eastern time or 12 : 30. if he stays at nbc and doesn't have the time slot, theyo him 45 million. >> he's not doing it. >> 45 million. >>im fascinated. >> and go back to the late shift. bill carter is famous and letterman. you think so many years and thought he deserved the tonight show and then jay leno gets the tonight show . because of the local newscast you are talking about. executives estimate that affiliated lost upwards to 200 million because no one is watching them anymore because the leno >> they knew this is a number. >> how did they know? >> it is what scoutives say and this is what we expected in terms of numbers. they didn't expect the next domino. >> it is cheaper for them to
7:36 am
do the show than make cop dramas. >> it is not cheaper if the local stations are losing advertising. who knew that cbs what they had one of the cop drama is 17.5 million viewers versus the 5.8. >> c.i.a. makes 15 million viewers as opposed to leno. but leno said to be fair in his mon log. nbc is working on a solution in which all parties will be treated fairly and that with nbc that certain nbc touch. they will be treated unfairly. and rumor is that conan could beed haded to fox. >> that's the -- give us a call, we would love to hear that first. >> headlines at this hour. president obama is trying to get support for health care reform.
7:37 am
he had this to say this morning in the weekly radio address. >> once i sign health care reform in law doctors and patients will have more control over health care scitions and insurance companies will have less. all total it represents sweeping reforms and toughest restrictions on insurance companies that this country has known. >> president obama admits it will take another four years for the bill to be fully implemented and key issues over abortion in the house and senate versions of the bill. many senators are not happy with the house bill and the house democrats call the senate's version too loose. >> heart wrenching 911 call made by the mother of actress britany murphy is released. here is a portion. >> she has passed out.
7:38 am
that is heart breaking. britainy murphy was pronounced dead in a los angeles hospital. they are waiting for the report on cause of death. >> two dare devils jumping off the world's newest tallest building one day after it opening in dubai. the pair set the world record plunging 2716 feet. that is off of the birge. network the new tallest building in the world. >> it didn't take long to set the record. the last block and there they go. it is a drama. >> that is athletic. we'll talk more athletic. basketball.
7:39 am
los angeles lakers lost nine straight games in portland. that is the defending champs unable to figure out how to win the rose garden. they get in the ring and check the floater had 32 points and pulling up 20. at that point, 107-98. kobe 14 of len from the field. tiger update. it is tiger woods' former coach said the world number one could return to golf in march. woods has been in hiding since admitting last month he cheated on his wife and said he is taking an indefinite leave from golf as he try to patch things with elin. he played six times in the tournament held march. perhaps it is a coming out party and tuned up for the masters . talk nfl news. jay glazer reporting that usc
7:40 am
coach carol is the candidate to replace the fired seahawks coach. seahawks finished 5-11. carol won two national titles and coached in the nfl for a couple of years for the patroits. carol could be getting 35 million over five years if you believe the report. i hope he does not go. these college coaches need to stick where they are. get to rick now who is at athletic event whampt is going on in msg. >> these are bull riders and they ride the bull for six seconds and shorty goes in and gets the bull away from the guy who fell off. >> that's the object of the job but we try to. >> what in the world makes someone make money by fighting bulls? >> well, too lazy to work and
7:41 am
too scared to steal. i grew up around live tock and loved it and loved radio and bull riding of it . my way of being in touch with the live stock and help people out was to be a bullifieder. >> what is it like? you are in there and how do you get the bulls away. how long does it last when you are in the ring? >> it can be microseconds and all the way to sen or eight seconds long. each one of the bulls have their own personality like we do . some of them like to play around after work. >> what is your most painful injury? >> i shattered my left shoulder and it was not too fun to deal with. >> i have to and you one thing. what is it like to walk around with dickies on the shirt. >> they got involved in the pbr and they are the tough enough clothing company to. >> we like to wear them.
7:42 am
>> what about madison square garden in new york? >>coming to new york city. it is exciting. it is a different feel to being here in madison square garden. it is a life-long dream for most of us . the crowd has a different feel. the new york fans are passionate and fun to be here playing with them. >> good luck to you and don't get more injuries. we have to talk about weather relief. shorty is afraid of the cold because he live in texas. temperatures are brutally cold . we have two more days to get through and florida is not feeling the brunt of this. tonight temperatures are going to be lowest. only 14 in tallahassee . 26 in orlando . we could be talking about a prolonged freeze tonight and tomorrow night and that could cause damage to the crops. very strange thing in the eastern part of the country. we are dealing with rain and snow as you zoom in parts of florida. check this out. we are seeing sleet want ared
7:43 am
in orlando and they will be seeing sleet in tampa and snow up around gainesville. you don't see this long in florida. once the front moves through the wind shifts and it will be brutally cold two more day in florida. >> before we let you go. we have photos of you in some dickies also. >> debra winger call wants her out fit back. there you are . that is not that funny. you are already wearing that outfit. >> you pulled it off. >> lock like john travolta and it looked just like that outfit. >> poor john travolt a. we had these clothes in the office. dave and i had cowboy clothes in our. >> pan down and show the boots. >> please. >> and i mean, he knows how to do it, folks. >> you guys are westeners. >> we are. i used to cover rodios.
7:44 am
>> you don't get it jersey girl. >> no, our out fit is different. >> great . coming up, the country's top terror chief stayed on vacation. remember they taking terrorism seriously enough. we'll hear what karl rove has to say. >> new developments in the missing mom from utah. [ female announcer ] for dazzling white teeth, give toothpaste the brush off.
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>> a disturbing development in the case of missing utah mom susan powell. she was missing for a month and josh powell who is a person of interest in the case is already packing up their kid and moving to washington state. here is michelle with more. >> good morning, alyson, good to talk to you. >> so he is packing up and moving his children to washington state while his wife is missing. how can josh justify this? >> since he was fired from his job, he can't get more work and having trouble making a house payment and he needs to be with his family at this time and so he wants to be able to move his children to washington state to live with his family and to be honest, he has been staying there since before the holidays with
7:48 am
his family. his children is there right now. he is back in, taw with a family member and they are planing to pack up the house today. he reached out to his church and friends and in the neighborhood and they will help him so he can move to washington. >> michelle, we showed video of scott peterson. this is reminiscent of when scott peterson sold lacy peterson's car. these are not actions of men who believe that their lives will come back. >> it is odd. i have to say. but i can't. it is also in other cases that you and i worked on, alyson, husbands and boy frens have not been persons of about. in the christy corn well case her boyfriend spoke early on and that was last summer. we also have the stacey peterson case who was not
7:49 am
found and lisa tan wick case and their husbands are persons was interest. it is hard to say what mind set he is in. if he is feeling pressure from the media and needs to get out and start over. >> what do police say about the move he is making? >> police tell me and i have been in close contact with them, that at this point, look he is not talking to us in utah and not cooperating with us while he's here . hopefully he will in he move to washington. what we are waiting for is the evidence that was pulled inside of the house. five searches were searched and information have been closed off to the media and so at that particular point. once we approximate out evidence is found inside they will move forward. >> it would be nice if there were a break. thank you, michelle. >> have a good weekend, alyson. >> new york's mayor bloomburg said it could cost the city hundreds of millions of
7:50 am
dollars to pay for the terror try of sheik muhammad. he wants the federal government to pay up. who should pick up the bill. all americans or the new yorkers? we'll have that next. #ñ#ñ#ñ#ññu
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> welcome back to "fox and friends". don't be worried your news headline in numerical form. 65 years how long george bush and barbra bush was married. they got married on january 6th, 1945 in new york presbyterian church. next up 88. percentage of planes that arrive in a window of the scheduling time in the month
7:53 am
of number. that sounds good. 20. that is how many years the popular show the simpson has been on the area. dave take it away. >> maggy still has that pacifiers. >> upcoming terror trials for the men accused of the 9/11 terror attacks come with an enormous price tag. new york city will have to spend upwards of $400 million in the next two years. the question is who should foot the bill. just new york taxpayers or all americans, the federal government. we are joined by ooner this is huge. 200 million the first year and 200 million therefore. michael bloomburg said they don't have the resource to pay for it? >> he who pays the piper calls the tune. i want to be safe as a new
7:54 am
yorker. let the new yorkers foot the bill. we know what we are doing. 20 million new yorkers and $400. i got $20 that is what it is going to cost. leaving it to the feds. nadgey bulla and the funding was cut in half and no funding in 2010 for securing the city. >> you really want taxpayers to pay for this. >> pay for it now, we'll be alive. don't pay for it, we'll be dead. >> senator 400 million. >> mayor bloomburg is absolutely correct . by the way, he didn't say you can't or shouldn't have the trial here, he said we have the best and we'll provide it. but the fact is, the federal government made this decision. there was no consulting a local new yorkers. it here. >> it was not the chief or mayor. >> they made the decision no military trial. i think they were wrong.
7:55 am
having said that. this is a enormous cost to a city who has incredible financial problems and will not be the state but new york city who has to pay for it. if it is a war on terror, two federal agencies that have the money and should be billed for it. one is the defense department. we are defending america and the other homeland security. >> clearly it would be more affordable if it were a military tribunal. 20 gop senators asked the president to move it to a military court. do you agree with them? should it be in a military court? >> not hundred percent. it is a war on terror. they are enemy combatants why we feel the need to show the world that we can give our constitution to people who are not citizens and want to blow us up to me, it defies common sense. the president finally said it is a war. maybe that is a precursor and
7:56 am
maybe we'll find it where it belongs in a military tribunal. >> as we talked to the show. reichard reed was tried on a court. mr. #2: big difference. we have established here to forehis connections without al qaeda. we know that. the escalation of this war has become such that there is no doubt. at that point in time, we didn't have that kind much information with reid. here we know it . i couldn't agree with him here. council is absolutely right. it makes no sense. >> i want that on paper. >> to try in a court. >> you should have that. we appreciate it . looks like it will be held in a criminal court. >> mistake. >> clayton what is coming up. >> can i be your consigulary. >> no.
7:57 am
>> coming up on the show. a california town plans to use federal stim tim money, your taxpayer dollars to teach spanish speakers english. is that where our money should go right now? a stimulus. plus, rich is riding with the bulls. more "fox and friends". rick is in his element riding bulls . announcer: cialis asks, when is it time to get out of those tubs? man: when we want. man: when we're in the mood. woman: it's our choice. announcer: today, guys with erectile dysfunction can be ready with another dosing option from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. so relax and take your time. man: tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest
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7:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. is health reform penalizing married couples? those who say i do get the short end of the stick by $2000? it looks that way. we'll tell you how and why. and a u.s. plane is almost attacked by a terrorist on
8:00 am
christmas day. our country top terror advisors at ed on vacation. is the obama administration taking terrorism seriously. karl rove will be here to weigh in. and banning bible in the bible belt? aclu is making a case against spreading god's word. >> and this is "fox and friends". this coming from louisiana. >> if nothing but the truck is what you seek, watch "fox and friends", that's what they speak. >> good. >> i hi, i am dana kilpatrick and you are watching "fox and friends" best show to get your motor running. >> add a energy drink to your morning. >> welcome to the show. welcome to what is this show? >> you are going to implode. >> ramp it down. what will happen now that karl rove is on the way. he will freak out. >> welcome to "fox and friends" . start off this morning.
8:01 am
bring in karl rove. we want to get to the headlines. nice to see you. >> morning gentlemen and lady. >> she is a lady. >> new report showing that the underwear bomber attempting to blow up the northeast airline flight. several key government members after this unfolded decided to go go on vacation. >> it was christmas? i mean, do you hold that against them. i think dosts should have been connected before the guy got on the plane? afterwards do you mind if they stay on vacation. they have iphone to stay in touch with. >> i do think you are right. one of the four findings of the presidential review was that there was enough information in advance of the christmas day bomber boarding his flight that should have kept him off of that flight and alerted officials that they needed additional screening. i realize we are talking
8:02 am
symbols here. i think a mistake when john bren an told the head of the national counter terrorism center say go on vacation in the immediate aftermath. that was a mistake from the optics. i am sorry to intrude on your holiday. i think you need to be at your post for the next several days. there is a analyst down there who somehow didn't grab the information and make use of it. >> they are talking about mike lighter who is head of the national counter terrorism center. their purpose is to get all of this information and share it. isn't he at fault here for the lack of sharing that went on and information that did not make it and get communicated to all of the different departments? >> first of all, their job is to correlate the information. they have to receive it from 16 different agencies.
8:03 am
c.i.a. had information anditate department had information . their principle job is to take information from other agencies and pull together and take their findings and share them back with other agencies there. is a constant tension . it is difficult and you know, this is a close call. before 9/11 the information tended to flow to the c.i.a. and be correlated there and the idea was after 9/11 to make sure all agencies felt they had a responsibility to send information someplace and someplace had the principle responsibility to correlate the information. >> it doesn't seem to be working. >> you know, look, we have to be perfect in order to stop all of these. that is a problem facing an a sim mitreical war face with a state and al qaeda . i know how much. i have a sense of how much information flows through
8:04 am
there. they should have caught this guy. it is a flood of information . you have to pick little dos and pieces to connect the picture and get it out of it. >> you are saying it won't work that that is too ambitious of a goal for the national counter terrorism center. >> no, no. what i am saying, look, they have got to try to be perfect. but they are human beings . commuters designed by human beings . so they have to be evaluating what they are doing and try to find weaknesses in their system to figure out. why did this happen? we know that the information about -- from the father to the nigerian u.s. ambassor didn't get passed on . other vital information didn't and fix it. >> they have to be perfect. >> yes. >> that's their job description. >> we have to get it right every time. they have to get it right
8:05 am
once. >> and you are responding to critics talking about president obama being fiscally irresponsible. people are slamming president obama for the massive amounts of spending, of course. but some have been saying karl you are disinjenous because of what president bush did under his watch having massive amount of spending and republicans disagreeing with president bush's spening. you say put the facts out there and numbers out there. >> first of all let's be clear about president obama. discretionary domestec spending 343 billion in bush's last year and now a 24 percent increase under alabama obama. the last damage for domestic spending grew 16 percent in one year. bush cut that to six, four and three percent and flat lined it in the last year of
8:06 am
administration. it is hard to get members of congress to ratchet town the growth rate of federal spending. >> but the federal budget grew as you know. >> we, we, we. wait a minute. 3.5 includes 700 billion that was appropriated in the last year in 2008 under bushy term in office for the tarp program at which 350 billion was spent by the time he left office and 240 that bush put out to the bank system coming back with about and diffidents. we'll make a profit on that money. back that out . yes, the grew. entitlements and bush was the first president to talk about reforming medicare and social security. but domestic spending flat lined. we spent more on the border and tripled the size of border and budget of the border
8:07 am
patrol and not much spending on homeland security before 9/11. we did under bush after 9/11 and we are in war and we have to pay for it and fight it. >> karl may hook like he is unplugged. but not until we roll animation. roll it >> karl, we want to and you about this new capitol hill casa nova. stories came out that the budget director is engaged to a beautiful woman and abccorrespondant. he is not the cuddy. >> he is a definition of a nerd and a color past. what is this phenomenon, karl in washington d.c. where geeks are studs, please explain it to us. >> power is an aprodizziac or up toees.
8:08 am
it is amazing. we have a secretary of treasury . director of the office management engaged to eye beautiful woman and a love child from a previous relationship and conceived in the moment after he onb director whompt knows. >> we didn't know that? >> and i mean, back to high school. you admit to be bookish in high school . you are shocking. it is shocking. but the jocks got all of the girls in high school. bad girls and motorcycle. and that is different in capitol hill. different rules. >> it is different in washington. if you have a massive office and executive building and you got, you are attending meeting in the oval office it said. >> unless you roll up looking like fonsy in a leather coat. and then you think the geek is going to work. >> roll up with a leather coat. hey, alyson.
8:09 am
you want to go to the town. >> it doesn't work in washington. >> it doesn't work here either. >> dave, you could have a up toee and have an office and it wouldn't help. >> thank you for saving me. >> i want to give you a hookem horns. you are a texas fan. what happened. texas in the national title game. you are still proud are you? >> look, look. >> texas has every right to be proud. lost their quarterback in the first couple of minutes and had an 18 year old freshman . i am proud of my horns. but i don't bet money. but i made a bet teave in alabama. he played on the game. i will fulfill my side of the beat. >> oh, my gosh. >> that must have hurt. >> it is hurting. >> i can see a tear rolling
8:10 am
down his eye. >> steve and pam are doctors in birmingham and teave played on the prevous national championship . steve plays football. this is the price i have to pay over losing the bet. >> steve and pam send us a blog about how gratifying it is to see karl like >> the friends down in alabama. we have a lot of viewer in alabama. >> he defended a fellow nerd. >> hey, nerds stick together. you people have to tick together. >> a few of us. >> steve is not a nerd. look how cool he is don there. with the best bull riders in the planet. >> you know what, there are 1200 bull riders trying to make a living. top 40 are here in madison square garden competing in this event. the cowboys come to new york city and to do that, they bring in 700 tons of dirt that
8:11 am
brought in. they are here all weekend long and we'll talk to the riders. we'll have to talk about the weather. there is a big story. the cold wave that is brutalizing the country over the last week. here you go. this is what you are waking up to. minus 13 in minneapolis x. minus 16 in norpork, nebraska. 17 only in dallas and in san antonio. same with jackson, mississippi and 13 in nashville and in where they are concerned about the crops. these are what we are talking about. low temperatures tonight. orlando is reporting sleet. take a look at satellite radar picture in the eastern part of the country. lake-effect snow in michigan and shooting down in parts of indiana and throughout the day bring lake-effect snow there in indiana and parts of kentucky. that rain in florida. that is a cold front moving on
8:12 am
through and it will continue to bring rain. very cold rain down south. that is mixing with cape canaveral and daytona beach. major problems here and you have two more days of cold weather in florida and then we'll see the temps climb back up. guys, everyone will be so happy to get temperatures back to normal. we have a little ways to go . >> we are freezing all over the country. >> thank you, cow poke. >> now you. no way. that is. >> rick had that in his closest. >> no way. >> thanks, rick. president obama sent out new security measures. is it enough to keep us safe? we'll have a look. >> seriously, the government gives one. gives one california town stim tim money to teach spanish, no habla. they are teaching spanish to
8:13 am
pay english and paying for it out of your tax dollars. clayton is back from ces inny las vegas and showing off the hottest gadgets debuted in the consumer electronics show. cool stuff. you don't want to miss it. it's not fun. it's not pretty.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends". tough talk from president obama this week.
8:16 am
>> we are at war. we are at war against al qaeda, a far-reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11 and killed 3,000 innocent people and plotploting to strike us again. we'll do whatever it take to defeat them. >> the president admitting we are at war and announcing security measures intended to keep us safe. are they enough and will they work? we are joined by lieutenant colonel ralph peters. he is the author of the war and armageddon. what the president plans to do. there is a cover of the book. president want to reooh sign people and upgrade computer systems and use of full body scanners that you can see through the cloging to check for underwear bombs. ramp, is this enough? >> no, it is not. the american solution of
8:17 am
throwing money and buying more stuff and hiring more supposed intelligence analyst off of the block doesn't make a difference. we don't have a quantity problem. our intelligence system is bloated and obese. one thing i will give obama credit for is fix responsibility. that is only way you get bureaucracy. you hit it between the eyes by a two by four. i am furious. the angriist i have been a while of full body scanners. punishing innocent travelers because we don't have the courage to profile. explain to me how tsa take porno shots on america's wives and daurs. (no audio) >> we lost ralph's satellite there. we'll try to get him back. any chance to get ralph back?
8:18 am
all right. we'll try to get ralph back. we'll try to get him back in a second. >> a california town gets federal stimulus money you can participate as long as you don't peek english . a police officer gets hit by a truck in a routine traffic stop. unbelievable video . amazingly. he survives his incredible story coming up after the break. you are watching "fox and friends". hi-- number two, please.
8:19 am
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8:20 am
>> apparently so many "fox and friends" went to the satellite network to buy the book it brought the satellite down. we are back with colonel
8:21 am
peters. >> i got to tell you. that was janet napolitano, she cut my satellite feed. >> she was worried after you criticized the full body scanners which many say are so invasive. you have picks here that you think can help us overhaul the security. what are those points? , ralph. >> i want to get beyond the yelling and scream do something. to the extent it can be 56ed nothing is perfect. we have to stop punishing innocent travelers and punish the terrorist. above all. you cannot win a football game on defense . you cannot win the war on terror and our president admits finally we may be at war. can't just defense. we have to be aggressive and above all, empcise quality analysis and not quantity and responsibility. you can't just talk responsibility.
8:22 am
you have to do something about it if you don't want to fire people nothing changes. >> stop playing defense and go on the offense. is that your nice way of saying profiling and having conversation with these people before they get on the flight? >> why should we let tsa take porn shots of the sons, wifes and daughters. because we don't have the courage to profile the obvious candidates for terrorism. it is crazy. >> i guess getting a lesson from what israel does. having multiple conversations with people back and forth. colonel ralph peters. thank you for sticking with us with our satellite issues. colonel peters always great to see you on the weekend. >> we'll check with allie. >> we took a ride to
8:23 am
california right there. >> that is an adventure. >> stim tim funds. riverside county, california voted to use stim tim carb, your hard earned taxpayer dollars to fund an adult literacy program critics say teaching english to panish speakers and possibly to illegal immigrant. jeff stone sits on the board of supervisor and he was the only dissenting vote. just to be clear. stimulus money is going to teach panish only speaking people to teach them english. jeff, they said none . money will go to illegal aliens. why are you against using stimulus for this? >> i don't think that is correct. i think the majority of people receiving the funds are illegal imdeprants because there is nothing to say they can't be beneficenceys of the service. what is interested about the program it is not teaching
8:24 am
eppinglish as a second language . it is teaching spanish competency to those who can't speak spanish with appropriate litacy. that is not the intent of the american recovery and reinvestment act that is supposed to provide for an economic stim tim to retrofit our economy and get people back to work and get nurses aids to be nurses and engineers that are out of the work and availability to get other work? it is a boon dog waste of taxpayer money. i voted against it. >> we were agreeing with the concerns. economic development agencies, rob fields said he will make certain none of the money goes toward illegals and only to help the legal population. go ahead. >> that was a question that i asked him. he is not the one that designed the act. you cannot and someone if they
8:25 am
are an american citizen or illegal immigrant if they come in for the service. i don't think mr. field will be able to insure that american citizens. we have 15 percent unemployment in riverside county and blue collar workers sitting at home waiting with unemployment checks coming hopefully and trying to get jobs. they should be the first priority and get them retrofit and back to work. we spent 10 and half billion on illegal immigrants in california . i don't have to tell you about the economic woes. >> talk about the people unemployed in riverside county. the argument of your fellow board members who voted for it. ultimately teaching spanib peek speakers english they will be . able and get jobs. >> if you look at demographics of those unemployed and especially if you look at american citizens, a majority of them are already english
8:26 am
speaking. what this program will do is spanish literacy and not english literary. >> no, they are teaching english to spanish speakers. that's the mission statement. >> that's why i am opposed to it. read the agenda item. it talks making spanish people lit rain spanish before they learn english as a second language. that is the big debacle and one of the strong reasons i opposed it. i have 15 percent unemployment let the people who speak english and need retrofitting get them back to work and get our economy stimulated once again. >> far point. jeff stone, we appreciate your point. and thank you. and a man suspected of sneaking past security in newark airport and shut it down for 7 hours. why it could be an honest
8:27 am
mistake. >> we'll tell you about his arrest last night. >> why does this couple have so many aluminum cans in their living room. how they are turning trash in a major treasure. >> it is a love story. >> rick is live in a bull riding event in madison square garden. hey, cowboy. >> hey, it is hard to believe it is madison square garden. you think it may be a lot of other places. these are the bulls and we are at the professional bull riders built ford tough invitational . we have codey, who is the reigning holder from last year. we'll talk to him in a second. most dangerous eight seconds in sports. stay with us. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run... and to eat whatever happens to be around.
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8:30 am
>> welcome back to "fox and friends". here is a shot. a couple in spokane, washington collecting aluminum cans to try to pay for their wedding. they have 18,000 cans in their living room and only five percent of their goal. they want to collect 400,000 cans and that comes out to 3100. they are buying so much soda and keep drinking it all. here is another can.
8:31 am
and meanwhile they are going to gain 50 pounds. >> and put it in the mail truck to drive to michigan. >> yes. not a morning -- >> and so true . talking about the arrest that happened last night. the sky who was ultimately responsible for shutting down newark terminal c for the better part of 7 hours was taken into custody. he is hisong jang he is 28 years from new jersey . you will not believe why he had to duckurn the cuter gates. >> he faces defiant trespass is the charge. why he had to duck under the security line to prolong his goodbye from his girlfriend, we presume. the officer walked away from his post while on the job. this man stood there and soon as he walked away. he ducksurn the rope line to
8:32 am
get a hug and smooch. it unfolded this way. ruben hernandez is on leave since tuesday. that's the real concern here.


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